360 Easiflow Cup 250ml (1)


The spill-free cup made for toddlers. Our easiflow 360° cup works just like any open cup but stops spills in their tracks. For 12 months and older.

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Tested against the global top-sellers, this is the easiest 360° cup for little ones to drink from and for parents to clean.

Spill-free Shake it up!
Jump around! The easiflow 360° is spill-proof even when turned upside down.

Dentist recommended
Works just like an open cup which dentists recommend to support healthy oral and speech development.

Grown-up drinking skills
With our easiflow 360° cup, your little one can drink from anywhere around the edge – just like a grown-up cup.

Stress-free cleaning
Our easiflow 360° cup features a one-piece, easy-clean valve – there are no fiddly or small parts to contend with.

  • The easiest 360° cup to use ever
  • No spills – mess-free
  • Drink from anywhere around the edge
  • One-piece, easy-clean valve; no fiddly or small parts to fit
  • No-spout design supports oral development and big-kid drinking skills
  • Size: 250ml