Tuvalu Swim Shirt


Toddlers’ UV swim shirt with long sleeves and a longer hem at the back. The zipper at the front makes dressing easier. Cover up gentle young skin under the sun with this toddlers’ long sleeve rash guard. It’s part of the Reima SunProof collection and has a UV sun protection factor of 50+. A longer back hem means better coverage during water-based fun and the zipper at the front helps with dressing.

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  • Toddlers’ SunProof T-shirt
  • Swim shirt with long sleeves
  • Reima SunProof
  • UV protection factor 50+
  • Longer hem at back for extra protection
  • Zipper at front
  • Semi-automatic zipper lock to prevent unintentional opening

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Blue, Candy Pink, Mango


62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92, 98