Transport Bag Bouncer


Makes it easier to take your baby bouncer with you on family trips or visits to friends. A transport bag is a convenient way to carry your baby bouncer and keep it clean. The bag is made of thin, durable polyester and has a practical handle. The zip opening makes it easy to get the bouncer in and out. You can also use the transport bag for storing your baby bouncer at home, so it always stays clean and fresh.

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  • Fits both Bouncer Balance Soft and Bouncer Bliss
  • Protects your baby bouncer when you store it or take it with you
  • Ideal for home storage
  • Machine wash at 40°C
  • Material – 100 % polyster. The transport bag is black and made of thin, durable polyester.
  • Washing instructions – Machine wash at 40°C.

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