Tool Bench


This tool bench for kids is excellent for those who love carpentry. So now there is nothing the mini-carpenter can’t repair or assemble. The bench has holes where you can attach screws, nails and building plates. The illustrations on the tabletop show where you can screw and where you can hammer. There is also a toy circular saw that spins when you turn the knob. Definitely, something that suits those who are planning any huge construction projects. And don’t forget. When everything is ready, you can clamp your construction and sandpaper your masterpiece to make it smooth. Choose between two different sandpapers (hook-and-loop) that you can screw on and off. The play tool bench also has smart drawers, shelves and hooks that hold all your toy tools in place.

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  • (LxWxH in cm): 55 x 36 x 80


  • Tool bench
  • Toy hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Toy saw
  • Wrench
  • Sandpaper holder
  • Two sandpapers
  • Three nails
  • Nine screws
  • Nine nuts
  • Screw boxes
  • Eight building boards

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