Teethe ‘n’ Sooth Teethers (2)


Soothe the painful experience of baby’s first teeth with these teethers specially designed for little mouths. Special grooved channels hold soothing gel for longer lasting pain relief. For 3 months and older.

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Teething’s no fun for your little one, but this soothing massage teether can help relieve some of your little one’s pain. Designed specifically to fit in smaller mouths, the textured surfaces target different areas depending on where baby’s teeth are coming through. And for extra relief there’s a grooved channel within the massage teether that can hold soothing gel for a longer lasting soothing experience.

  • Easy reach teethers for baby’s tender gums and first teeth
  • Targeted pain relief in two different areas
  • Easy to apply soothing gel in specially designed channels
  • Textured surfaces massage tender gums
  • Bite and chew proof to relieve pain while teething