Swim Diaper


The green baby swim nappy made from recycled polyester offers a beautiful and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable nappies. Its absorbent inner lining keeps children’s skin dry and major mishaps in the water.

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The reusable LÄSSIG swim nappy made from recycled polyester is perfect for a beach holiday or a trip to the pool. In combination with sunscreen and the matching UV shirt and sun hat from the LÄSSIG Splash & Fun collection, the swim diaper ensures carefree bathing fun.

The swim nappy is the environmentally friendly and beautiful alternative to disposable swim nappies. An ideal fit, high-quality materials and seamless workmanship in the seat area ensure a comfortable fit in the water and on land.

Thanks to the integrated and patented, moisture-absorbing lining and insert system, children’s skin stays as dry as possible on land. Moisture is trapped in the inner lining and transported to the outside over a large area. Major mishaps are prevented and after bathing fun, the diaper can be cleaned at 30 °C on a gentle cycle.

Used plastic is reused and spun into yarn for every LÄSSIG swim nappy. This corresponds to 7 PET bottles per meter of woven fabric. With the use of recycled materials and innovative processes as well as the renunciation of animal components, LÄSSIG contributes to the circular economy and protects the earth’s resources.

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