NXT90B Classic


With the NXT90B CLASSIC you get lots of value for money. Same high quality and environmentally friendly, but fewer features and details compared to the NXT90B SELECT stroller. The robust frame is made of low-carbon aluminum which has a CO2 pressure which is 1/4 of a normal aluminum frame. The frame has the environmentally friendly puncture-free ecco® solight wheels which are 100% recyclable and with adjustable suspension. The frame can be easily folded for easy storage and transport. The handlebars are in black foam rubber. The pram box is super compact and has a large reclining dimension of 98 cm. With patented ThermoBase base, for both hot and cold days. The outer fabrics of the new eco-friendly Dope Dye. The pram is available in 3 single-color prams. NXT90B CLASSIC comes with a standard mattress. There is a zipper in the hood for insect nets (accessories). With the NXT FLAT seat, you can convert the NXT90B CLASSIC into a stroller with a reversible seat and a large flat reclining dimension.

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