NXT 2 in 1


A reclining and seating part (Ergo) in one that fits the NXT90 / NXT60 / NXT frame. Use the spacious reclining part for the first 6 months. You can then remove the fabric from the frame and convert the same frame into an ergonomic seat. The seat can be used from 6 months to 22 kg / 4 years. Never use this stroller box as a bag.

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  • NXT 2in1 pram box: 4.9 kg
  • NXT 2in1 stroller part: 4.1 kg

Dimensions (Length / Width / Height)

  • Aluminum frame : (L / W) 93/36 cm
  • NXT 2in1 pram box (inside): 74/30/21 cm
  • NXT 2in1 stroller seat (inside): 105/30 cm


We at Emmaljunga strongly believe that it is important to work towards a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Investing in green methods has made heating our entire factory completely fossil-free. At the factory we have our own recycle program and the factory is environmentally certified ISO14001

All materials are continuously tested by accredited laboratories to ensure that they meet (REACH) for chemical content, which makes it safer for you and your child.

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