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Magical Night Mobile Polar Wonders

A 3 in 1 magical projector mobile for blissful sleep and musical fun. Sweet dreams inspired by an arctic wonderland.


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Polar Wonders Magical Night 3 in 1 mobile and projector can be used in 3 different ways. 
Specially designed to grow with your child:

  • The first few weeks your child can fully enjoy the fun characters on the lampshade and if you want even a nice projection in the lampshade. The mobile has 9 different melodies and plays 30 minutes without repetition.
  • If your child has grown a bit bigger, you can easily convert the mobile to a projector. The colorful and cheerful projector fills the room with beautiful images, where your baby will look out of his eyes. You can also create a beautiful starry sky to calm your child.
  • Later you can use this 3 in 1 mobile and projector as a night light. Perfect for growing toddlers. Polar Wonders Magical Night 3 in 1 mobile and projector is filled with inspiring and sweet characters that stimulate and inspire your child to develop in a positive environment.
  • GROWS WITH BABY: Includes three modes of use – mobile with canopy projection, music box with high-quality ceiling projection and starry nightlight – that will accompany your little one through toddlerhood.
  • AUDITORY STIMULATION: a versatile selection of music, including 30 mins of continuous music and 9 different tunes in 3 categories, stimulates baby’s senses.
  • ENCOURAGES COMMUNICATION: As baby babbles to the Polar Wonders Tiny Pioneers hovering above, the foundations for language acquisition are reinforced.
  • SUPPORTS EQ: The music, projection and blissful starry nightlight soothe babies and toddlers at bedtime, reassuring them with familiar sights and sounds.
  • DEVELOPS SKILLS: As baby grows, the mobile moves from stimulating the senses and inspiring speech to encouraging fine motor skills and cognition with the fun music box baby can activate independently.
  • LEARN MORE FROM OUR EXPERTS! Our products are carefully conceived to support babies’ growth and development.