LSF Swim Diaper


  • Swim diaper for babies by Lässig
  • Made from recycled materials
  • Patented welding construction for optimal moisture control
  • Elastic waistband and leg-openings
  • PETA-approved Vegan
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The baby swim diaper is perfect for vacation at the beach or a trip to the pool.Thanks to the integrated and patented, moisture-absorbing lining and liner system, the child’s skin remains as dry as possible on land.The moisture is trapped in the inner lining and transported to the outside over a large area. Major mishaps are stopped and after the bathing fun, the diaper can be cleaned at 30 ° degrees on the gentle cycle.

Lässig’ means easy-going in German and that is exactly what this brand stands for: kids’ clothing in which children can move freely and feel relaxed, which also helps parents to keep their cool. Lässig, also spelled Laessig, releases a new colourful collection every season, full of essentials for children who love to play outside and build sandcastles on the beach. UV-resistant T-shirts, swimming trunks, rashguards and other items protect the young skin against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays. Let your child enjoy the outdoors with Lässig’s beautiful UV clothing!

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