Leikteppi Magical Tales


This Magical Tales Gymini playmat by Tiny Love is the ideal play mat for your little one! It stimulates the development of your little one and also looks great in every living room.

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The contrasting black / white colors of the rug with play arches stimulate the vision of your little one and inspire him or her to develop all kinds of skills. The arches are equipped with all kinds of toys that are good for the development of your little one. Your little one will develop important skills when he or she is playing on this play mat, such as imagination, auditory knowledge and physical development.

You can easily bend and lay down the arcs that belong to this garment. The toys that are on the arcade can easily be moved and hung elsewhere. There is also a small, foldable booklet with this play mat that you can take anywhere! And if the play mat gets dirty, you can simply wash it in the washing machine.

  • Stimulates the development of your clay
  • Includes play arches
  • Includes all kinds of educational toys
  • Includes foldable booklet
  • Washable in the washing machine
  • Material: cotton
  • Dimensions: 68 x 78 x 45 cm
  • Suitable for children from 0 months