Leikteppi Kick & Play Farm


The redesigned Tiny Farm Gymini Kick & Play introduces babies to brand new friendly characters in the Tiny Pioneers family, created to inspire exploration and discovery in a child’s growing mind. The Gymini features an engaging DUAL-SIDED ELECTRONIC RESPONSE PAD that triggers feedback through lights and music in 2 modes

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The Gymini Kick & Play is a large baby play mat with adjustable borders and arches that enable your baby to move around freely, roll over and even pivot without sliding off. The play mat has various activities that are designed to transform your baby’s fun time into development time. The baby-activated electronic pad triggers feedback through lights and music that will have your little one entertained for hours, as you switch between Kicker and Tummy Time tapping modes. Watch your baby develop with additional tummy time encouraging features, sliding rings and removable toys that heighten the level of stimulation and fun.

The musical play mat stimulates the following developmental wonders: Gross motor skills, fine motor skills, cognition, emotional intelligence, senses, language & communication and imagination & creativity. Gymini Kick & Play is part of the Tiny Farm collection, introducing your baby to the lovable farm.

  • Activity play mat, suitable for babies 0m +
  • 2-in-1 play mat with adjustable arches for more play modes
  • Equipped with baby-activated musical kick panel
  • Engaging activities stimulate baby development
  • Tiny friends ensure endless fun
  • Part of the Tiny Farm collection