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Protect your child’s head. Soft and comfortable headband available in several muted and lovely shades of 100% mechanically softened linen. The padded head protection has a cotton strap to tie under the chin and adjustable velcro to fit larger and smaller head sizes while providing the best fit. Designed for indoor use, the headband provides soft shock absorption and protection as your child begins to crawl, walk and explore the world on their own. Recommended from about 6 months. Keep in mind that this soft so-called helmet cannot be counted as adequate protection in the event of a fall.

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This soft head protection is also called by our customers; baby helmet, baby helmet, fabric helmet, indoor helmet, indoor helmet, soft helmet, learning helmet, padded helmet, soft helmet.

  • Velcro strap for adjustable size and good fit
  • Cotton band to tie under the chin
  • NG Baby Headband in linen fabric
  • Size Adjustable between 47-57 cm
  • Outer fabric 100% stonewashed linen
  • Filling 100% polyether
  • Washing instructions Delicate wash 40 degrees, drip dry

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