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Little Pip Panda is ready to catch some zzzzzs in this Grobag Easy Swaddle. Make a wish on one of the shooting stars and drift off to sleep with him for some sweet dreams. Swaddling your new baby helps them feel safe, snug and secure, just like when they were in mummy’s tummy. Wrapping them up with their arms close to their chest helps reduce the startle reflex (Moro reflex) so it helps them and the rest of the family enjoy a restful sleep. Grobag Easy Swaddles are suitable for 3-9 months (from 5.4-8.6kg (60-71cm)).

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Grobag Easy Swaddles are suitable for 3-9 months (from 5.4-8.6kg (60-71cm)). Swaddling your newborn with their arms close to their chest keeps them snug and secure. A feeling that helps them settle and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Swaddling helps reduce the startle reflex which can wake your baby during the night, so it can help the whole family enjoy a good night’s sleep. Our Grobag Easy Swaddle (previously the Groswaddle) is made from snuggly soft, stretchy cotton that wraps easily around your baby without any need for complicated fastenings, making it the perfect starter sleepwear to improve sleep quality for young babies.

Should your little one need changing during the night, our Grobag Easy Swaddle has zip access from the bottom to help you tackle those night-time nappy changes without disturbing the whole household. Our newborn easy swaddle has been acknowledged by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a ‘hip-healthy product’ so you can rest assured your little one is sleeping in a comfortable natural froggy-legged position which is so important for correct hip development

  • Grobag Easy Swaddles are suitable for 0-3 months (from 5.4-8.6kg (60-71cm))
  • Snug and cosy swaddle sleepwear gives baby a feeling of closeness like the womb and suppresses baby’s startle reflex for longer sleep
  • Easy wrap swaddle – no complicated fastenings to make bedtime routines simple
  • Hip healthy – specially designed to allow legs to fall in a natural hip-healthy position
  • Easy change – zip opens from the bottom for night time nappy changes without disturbing your baby
  • Designed for sleep – the NEW hourglass shape is hip-healthy and cosy soft.

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