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The BABY-SAFE 5Z is our lightest and most innovative infant carrier yet. It features Ergo Recline, offering your baby a flatter, healthier position to make travels even more comfortable and safe. The BABY-SAFE 5Zaccompanies your baby from birth up to 15 months and can be installed on the FLEX BASE 5Z, with the vehicle seat belt or on a variety of strollers.

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Optimal comfort for your baby
Ergo Recline introduces a new level of safety, comfort, and ergonomics. When reclined, the babies’ position becomes flatter and more ergonomic, supporting and promoting the healthy development of the spine and keeping the airways open. Quickly switch in and out of Ergo Recline – no matter where you are. It can be used both inside and outside of the car, so your baby can sleep safe and sound on any journey.

Making every day easier
Designed for convenience: At only 3.9 kg, the BABY-SAFE 5Z is extremely light and comfortable to carry. The extra-large sun canopy can be easily adjusted to provide an optimal cover and protection for your baby. Not only the release from the base is very easy, but also the switch in and out of the Ergo Recline can be done with just one hand, offering additional flexibility on the go. The BABY-SAFE 5Z can also be used on pushchairs from Britax Römer and other leading brands.

Turn for easy access and release – the rotatable base
Seating and harnessing your little one just got easier: When the BABY-SAFE 5Z is installed on the FLEX BASE 5Z, simply turn it towards the open car door for easy access. Since the release button rotates with the BABY-SAFE 5Z, you can easily reach it at any time – making it even more convenient to remove the infant carrier.

One base, two seats
The FLEX BASE 5Z can be used with both the BABY-SAFE 5Z and the follow-on seat DUALFIX 3 i-SIZE, offering not only optimal safety and convenience but also great value for money.

The best angle in any vehicle
Not all vehicle seat angles are the same. That’s why the FLEX BASE 5Z offers a unique angle adjustment to optimize the position of the infant carrier for your vehicle. That way, your baby rides comfortably and securely, no matter the seat angle of your car.

Installed correctly every time
On the FLEX BASE 5Z or on the pushchair – thanks to the audible click, you can be sure that the BABY-SAFE 5Z is installed correctly every time. Additionally, a visual indicator on the release button of the base offers extra peace of mind.

Easy access and release
The rotating feature of the FLEX BASE 5Z allows you to turn the infant carrier to the open car door, making it easy to seat, harness or remove your baby.To remove the BABY-SAFE 5Z from the base even easier, you can just rotate it so the release button faces the open car door.

Ergo Recline – the optimal position at all times
Ergo Recline introduces a new level of safety, comfort and ergonomics. When reclined, the babies’ position becomes flatter and more ergonomic, supporting and promoting the healthy development of the spine and ensuring that the babies’ airways are kept open.

Newborn insert
Especially designed to give extra support to small babies. The included newborn insert with energy-absorbing foam pads reduces the space and offers additional comfort.

3-point harness
The 3-point harness makes the buckling and unbuckling process more convenient for parents and less disturbing for the baby, without compromising on safety thanks to the optimized side support.

Side Impact Protection
The specially designed side wings absorb a large percentage of forces in the event of an accident, keeping your baby safe and secure even in critical situations.

Grows with your baby
The padded headrest and harness can be adjusted with just one hand to grow with your baby. Simply set the harness adjuster at the back of the seat in the correct position for your babies’ size to make sure the headrest and harness are in the correct position.

Adjustable handle
The adjustable handle allows you to easily move it to the back and place your child in the infant carrier. Simply press the buttons on each side of the handle to unlock and move it. When the carrier is placed on the floor, we recommend folding the handle back completely to prevent rocking.

Extra-large canopy for optimal protection
The extra-large UPF50+ sun canopy protects your baby from the sun and wind. At the same time, it offers a quiet, protected space for safe and sound naps on the go.

Comfortable and stylish premium covers
The newly designed covers are as stylish and comfortable as it gets. Made of an even softer fabric combined with improved fitting, these premium covers result in additional comfort for your baby.

Quick-remove cover
Things can get pretty messy on the road. Drinks can spill and children can get car sick. That’s why we designed a machine washable seat cover that can easily be taken off without removing the harness, so you can clean up quick and get on your way.

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Athuga hvaða stólar frá Britax passa í bílinn þinn

Af öryggisástæðum er ekki hægt að skila bílstólum né base-um. Við bjóðum upp á að máta stólinn/base-ið í bílinn ef þess er óskað í verslun okkar til að ganga úr skugga um að hann passi. Við mælum ekki með að senda öryggisvöru eins og bílstóla og base með flutningsaðila, mælum frekar með að slík vara sé sótt í verslun okkar.

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