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Arch Seat & Swing

Wooden play arch for Seat’n Swing adaptable bean bag. Hours of fun are guaranteed with the Seat’n Swing Arch! Comfortably nestled in their Seat’n Swing, your baby will be thrilled and their senses stimulated by these very soft and fun toys. Each item with its contrasting light/dark colours has been designed to attract a baby’s attention. Easy to use, the arch attaches to the bean bag in an instant and is just as easily and quickly tidied away.


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This play arch has a clean and pure design and consists of a curved wooden arm and 3 mobile toys that are height-adjustable thanks to their Velcro fastening.  The dark/light contrasts and mirrors make these toys visually interesting to babies.
The rustling of the moon and star will stimulate your baby’s auditory senses. The arch is detachable and fastens easily to the bean bag using the connector included.

How to use it: 

  • Open the Seat’n Swing using the zip fastener on the base.
  • Place the connector into the round groove in the plate that is intended for this purpose.
  • Close the zip fastener
  • Slide the wooden arch into the opening on the top left (at the level of the black clip that allows the top pad with harness to be fitted) to reach the connector.
  • Push the wooden arm into the connector until you hear a click.
When you remove the top pad with harness in order to use your Seat’n Swing in toddler mode, make sure that you also correctly remove the connector in order to prevent any risk of injury if your child throws themselves enthusiastically onto their favourite bean bag.
  • Toys are machine-washable at 30°C
  • Do not tumble dry